Hardware Cloth Product Hightlight

By May 13, 2017 Industrial No Comments

Hardware Cloth
As the season has changed it is time to work in the yard, prepare the garden, and clean out your gutters. All of us here at PSM would like to recommend the use of hardware cloth to protect your investments. Hardware cloth makes a great inexpensive barrier for your garden to keep out wildlife such as possums, raccoons, deer, and other pests. We would recommend ½”opening material, it is galvanized, so it won’t rust and can be used season after season. The wire diameter is .041 and provides a stronger alternative to Hex netting, or commonly termed chicken wire. We stock 24”,30”,36”,48”, 60”, and even 72” all in 100’ rolls. Along with ½” opening, we also stock ¼” and 1/8”openings.
Hardware cloth can also be used to make your own gutter guards to keep leaves and debris out. The material is easy to form, and with a roll you can customize your size for your home. We would recommend ¼”opening or even ½” to keep debris out and protect your investment.